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Worry reduction remedy using fingers

Fear reduction -resetting the Bladder and Kidney Flow Circuits trash collectors for the body

Brain Trauma Recovery kapalabhati prana yama, Brain Food, and Meridian Charging Therapy

Shoulder Relaxer deepen breath


Yogoda Bicep Recharger


Yoga of the Hand

Vitality Beverage



2 TBL Sunflower seeds/8 oz orange juice

Have 7 grams of protein same as 1 egg

Add some love to your life! Olive and Kombu artisan whole wheat bread 5 min prep no kneed artisan whole wheat bread. 3 cups WW Flour, 1.5 cups water. 1.5 cups olives cut some, 1/3 cup Kombu seaweed cut with scissors to 1/2'' pieces. 1 package yeast or 1 TBL. Mix allow to rise 12-18 hours. Bake @475 30 covered. 15 more uncovered in dutch oven pan prehearted (a way of adding love before baking). Preheating is also necessary for good bread!

Healing and health  starts with starts with Chewing

What Diet keeps a person pain-free, strong and flexible? Glowing with health and vitality? The ability to separate the useful from the non-useful in life and in the absorption of nutrients from food? If all we had to do to regain health is eat healthy why does that not seem to be working with the rise in food allergies and other digestive issues? Will eating free range eggs, greens, bitter foods like Italian red lettuce, sugar free yogurt, herbal tea or decaf green tea and fruit make us healthy? What about Apple Cider Vinegar and fermented foods sour kraut, Kombucha, Miso etc.?
A nice recipe: Shitaki mushrooms sautéed in butter in thickened eggs (low temp soft scramble) preserves the healthy Cholesterol in the eggs and the calming structure supporting magnesium. The whole grain bread underneath is nice for supporting strength of character and the spleen/stomach. The sulfur content is also helpful for connective tissue. See below for recipe.

How we eat is important, It starts with Chewing and Digestive power

Conscious chewing is a start; the digestive enzyme amylase is present in the saliva  and it breaks some starches down into maltose and dextrin. This is why rice and grains, when chewed thoroughly, will taste sweet. This supports the spleen, stomach, pancreas in their roles. More important is the focus on getting the useful nutrients from food. Perhaps this is the basis of blessing food that many cultures have.  One could say that discrimination, focus or self control of what we absorb from food in the small intestine into to the blood stream and the ability to digest it in the stomach helps to keep us healthy.  
A healthy meal for 1-4 people: Soft SCRAMBLED EGGS and Shiitake MUSHROOMS 4 servings: 6 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup chopped Shiitake mushrooms, 4 pieces whole wheat toast (can substitute gluten free whole grain) 8 tablespoons butter, /14 tsp Maine Coast Sea Seasonings salt replacement (lower sodium - more trace minerals) Melt 2 TBL butter in a frying pan and then saute’ the Shitaki’s Beat eggs until light, then add milk and Sea Seasonings. Heat 2 more TBL butter and add the egg mixture and the sautéed mushrooms. Place over a low fire and stir occasionally until the eggs thicken. Hi heat makes the egg white less digestible. Uncooked egg whites are also not digestible.  Serve over buttered Whole Wheat Toast. This recipe is from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

Grapefruit Juice, honey, Sea veggies and Peanut butter dinner
We often think about giving our body rest; however not often our stomachs and intestinal tract. Moving towards liquids for a day or two can give the stomach time to repair and regenerate with less interruption. This Ideal Dinner of 16 oz Grapefruit juice, 2 TBL Peanut butter, ¼ tsp Main Coast Sea Seasonings and 8 tsp honey to balance out the sour taste can move us in that direction when life does not invite a strict water only fast. According to Dr Tennant, to make good stomach acid our bodies need: Thiamine (B1), iodine, zinc, salt and enough available electrons to push the reactions. This beverage provides these components and the fats and proteins needed along with magnesium to make repairs, connective tissue. One swig can also remedy GERD.

Orange Juice and Cashew Butter Meal replacer recipe.  1 TBL ground cashew nuts (or Cashew butter) with one glassful of orange juice. Cashews give harmonious development of all parts of the body - Paramhansa Yogananda. Can adjust quantity for hunger and lifestyle. More cashew butter is ok for example: 2-3 TBL per 8 OZ orange Juice.

Western Science: Cashew oil has an abundance of vitamins, which includes vitamins A, D, and E.

cashews are: extremely abundant with selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorous and are alkaline forming.
Orange Juice is also alkaline forming.

4 part Arm Recharging Paramhansa Yogananda

Try moderate tension and if nothing hurts try a full on set. going through the range of tensing low, medium and high. Then relax: High Medium  and Low. Tense with will relax and feel!

June 8th Veggie Juice to boost your hair, skin, and moods


This gentle, slow neck Myotonic Facilitation Tractioning technique resolves many throat issues.


Cells are like computers, Each must have hardware (nutrition for cells) , electricity (voltage - available electrons - alkalinity), and software (operating sequence or protocol - specific frequencies). Jerry Tennant, "Healing is Voltage."
Plants and Humans share frequencies. Each Acupressure Meridian Organ pair circuit runs at a different frequency set. Correcting incoherences can be done by selecting plants with the same frequencies. Essential oils seem to be 30 times more potent than the herb.
If the voltage is down in a circuit or there are incoherences, the muscles will be weak, major as well as supporting ones. , major as well as supporting ones. Applying essential oils that correspond to the circuit will strengthen them as demonstrated in this video.  Essential oils for Irritability (Rest and Repair - Pericardium fight and Flight - Triple Burner), Grief (Lung and Large Intestine) and Sorrow (Heart & Small Intestine) Eccentric Break Muscle Bicep tested going from two fingers easily breaking to full hand and 30-60 % strength of practitioner.

From How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality Paramhansa Yogananda’s method To remove pain in arm or leg, or to strengthen a limb as applied to hands, our major interface for making things happen in the world.
It has also been found helpful for constipation, dealing with carpal tunnel & hand issues, challenges, allergies and stress reduction. This is because the muscle groups and their meridians for the Lungs, Large Intestine, Heart, Small Intestine, Rest and Repair (Pericardium) and Fight and Flight (Triple Burner) all connect in the hands and have major energy points in the hands and fingers.

Inhale deeply  exhale
Inhale deeply  exhale again
extending the wrist to help open the palm with deep attention.
Maintain slight tension keeping the fingers and hands extended open
Exhale counting 1 to 20,
Relax and inhale.

Repeat six times, every morning and whenever necessary.

This Drink helpful to get the clinkers and old winter energy moving in the Spring or anytime one is feeling stuck or foggy. Drinking 15-30 min or more before breakfast is helpful.

Stir 1 tsp Maple syrup in 1 cup 80-100F water and squeeze 1/4 lime into it.

Add pinch of:
Fresh ground cardamom (packaged is better than not using).

If feeling clogged or feet are cold, ad pinch of cayenne.
If feeling stagnated or stuck, a pinch of salt or better still Main Coast Sea seasonings.

The drink is ready when it is neither sour nor sweet and both sour and sweet in balance. It is important for the person actually drinking the beverage to determine if it is neither sweet nor sour or balanced in taste.

In general, all citrus is a remedy for Melancholia

For cleansing and balancing of the stomach, spleen pancreas with the liver and gallbladder along with the intestines.

Flavors and their effect:
Spicy flavor helps expel wind and cold from the body. Sweet flavor helps tonify the body. Sour flavor helps calm the body. Bitter flavor helps clear heat. Salty flavor helps the body to dissolve stagnation. Dry/light/astringent flavor helps rest and repair and normalizes/reduces fight or flight response
Ingredient flavors:
Maple syrup sweet, astringent, salty
Lime is sour & bitter
Cinnamon is (spicy), sweet, & astringent
Cardamom (fresh ground) spicy, bitter & astringent (from camphor)
Ginger spicy & sweet
Cayenne spicy

Paramhansa Yogananda gave many suggestions for breakfast and reason is obvious as not everyone likes, needs or wants the same thing. One ideal breakfast is a raw egg yolk whipped in orange juice. If your very active, double the amount. As we are still in Spring and the Large Intestine is still full of clinkers from the heavy food of Winter. Cleansing with juice of ½ of a lemon in water before breakfast can help (30 minutes before other food is helpful). The yogic tea recipe farther down is also helpful. along with fasting/cleansing.

April; 8th 2016 Orange Juice Fasting once a week for health and Vitality also helpful for allergies!

Fast one day a week. If complete fasting is difficult for you, then fast on orange juice. Fasting one day a week on orange juice and taking a suitable laxative that day will help to keep the body cells firm and free from disease. Two Swiss Kriss tablets in the evening work well for the laxative. Orange juice is very good because it counteracts the acids in the body which are caused by eating meats and heavy foods. Do not make a practice of eating fish, eggs, and meat. Your kidneys will not stand it. You must balance diet by eating alkaline foods.

April 1st 2016  Yogic Breakfast Steel cut oats rice cooker shown with honey lime water and yogurt with honey and berries

For two servings:
Fill rice cooker base to 1 cup line
 add ⅓ cup steel cut oats
1 TBL Coconut or other oil of choice helps break up bubbles so the cereal does not boil over and make a mess.
⅛ -¼ tsp salt or VegeSal or Spike leave out till serving if using some for face pack
1 tsp cinnamon  leave out till serving if using some for face pack
Lid and vegi-basket need to be on the cooker.
Click rice cooker and go exercise, do yoga, meditate or shower. Oats are ready in about 20 min. The cooker shuts off automatically; has a warmer builtin.
A lovely skin depends primarily on good health, and must be cultivated and maintained by purification from within. Pimples mean clogged pores; unsightly growths indicate excess carbohydrates in the diet (starches and sweets); wrinkles are Nature’s hunger cries for vitalizing foods, iodine, and oil.
Steel cut oats are lower in carbohydrates than other cereals as they include the entire grain and are less processed. Also if you make extra, it is possible to Soothe, heal, and nourish skin with a steel cut oatmeal pack. Leave salt and cinnamon out if you going to use leftovers in this way. It adds a unique aliveness and luster to the skin.

March 26 2016 Yogic tea for harmony

This tea is wholesome and promotes harmony in the body, a big key to general health and vitality.

Yogi Tea one serving

6 black peppercorns,
4 whole cardamom pods,
3 cloves,
½ (about 2 inches) cinnamon stick,
slice of ginger root
in 10 ounces of water for about 20 minutes.
Serve with honey, if desired.
Milk is also a possibility especially non -homogenized or raw.

To make 4 servings:

24 peppercorns
16 whole cardamom pods
12 cloves
4 ½ ( 2 inch long) cinnamon sticks
4 slices of ginger
In 40 oz water.

The aromatics tend to help open the lungs and relax the large intestines, increase digestive energy, clear the sorrow of the heart and promote a sense of well being. A slightly dry astringent taste helps turn on rest and repair.

Affirmation: My body cells -
                        obey my will
              They dance with divine vitality!
                           I am well! I am strong!
                   I am a flowing river
of boundless power
      and energy!

March 16 2016 FOR Prevention and Remedy of Flu and Colds

This remedy works fast and tastes good!

Boil 1-3  minutes 1 quart water, ½ cup of milk (can use coconut milk also) ¼ cup honey and 1 tsp powered ginger. Drink 1 pint a day lukewarm.

Balancing and centering to be in a state of harmony and equilibrium is one definition of yoga. This drink helps to create that.

From: The Science of Rajayoga - Swami Kriyananda

March 11 2016  Kidney Stone an GallStone Emergency Remedy Tomato juice and Sauerkraut Brine

Tomato juice and Sauerkraut Brine is a remedy for gallstones and kidney stones. Mix 1 qt Tomato juice and 1 qt Sauerkraut Brine - Drink 1 qt daily for two days.
If you have pain drink 1 TBS Epsom salts in water 6-8 oz. Helps dilate the ducts of the gallbladder and kidneyYogoda Hand Recharger  - Dr Jerry Tennant

Vegetized Salt for general Health - Paramhansa Yogananda. It helps with everything from wrinkles to better digestion and assimilation. Iodine is used by every organ in the body that secretes a substance. It is also used by all the white blood cells as the principle defense against bacteria and viruses.

Fifth Yogoda Exercise March 3 2016

When performing the exercises, keep your mind on the medulla and imagine the energy flowing into your body through the medulla and from there to every part of the body.

Close eyes. Very gently contract both breasts. Put the whole attention there while contracting them. Hold contraction, counting 1 to 30. Then release contraction. Repeat six times, morning, noon, and night.

Eternal Energy! Impart to me spiritual patience that I may regularly practice the exercises both morning and night

to the best of my ability.

after Yogoda exercises affirm:

I am strong, I am strength, 

I am healthy, I am health, 

I am successful, I am success,

I am blessed, I am bliss, 

I am immortal, I am immortality,

Peace, Bliss, Peace

Feb 26th 2016

Calm the high strung good for ligaments Berry Kefir smoothie recipe also a decent breakfast meal:

Honey 2 tsp to balance taste not sweet nor sour.
4-6 Big Strawberries (⅓ cup - can do more add more honey if too tart reduce if berries are sweet centered and balanced always is a helpful goal
8 oz Yogurt whole fat - can do goat or cow’s milk Kefir also
Optional and helpful Two egg yolks free range organic (try at your own risk)




Feb 19th Shoulder Energizer Stomach Lift Yogoda Exercise

Shoulder Energizer Stomach Lift 3rd Yogoda exerciseTo do the shoulder opener stomach lift, the 3rd Yogoda exercise in the series:

Stand erect with arms stretched straight above your head. Relax while holding this position. Throw the breath out and keep breath out, counting 1 to 12. Inhale and feel that you are drawing in energy through the fingertips into the medulla and body parts.

After affirm in a loud voice, then moderate voice, then whisper then silently with eyes closed and slightly upturned looking at a distant mountain
My will is to do that which is right to do. Part, all you mountains that stand in my way! Nothing can stop my progress! - Swami Kriyananda Affirmations for Self Healing

This affirmation is on use of Will Power. Will Power is focused energetically in the stomach area behind the naval. Hence lifting the stomach will help activate the will power.

Feb 12 Relax at will 20 body Part Yogoda exercise

When performing the exercises, keep your mind on the medulla and imagine the energy flowing into your body through the medulla and from there to every part of the body. By keeping your mind thus fixed on the medulla, you will soon learn to draw in energy from the ether and send it to all parts of your body at will, without the physical process of tensing and relaxing. Always hold the thought, “I am calmly active; I am actively calm. I am the Prince of Peace sitting on the throne of poise.”

Close your eyes and concentrate on the medulla. Feeling or visualizing the light there, repeat: “Thy cosmic current flows in me, flows in me, through my medulla flows in me, flows in me. I think and will the current to flow, in all my body the current to flow. I am charged, I am cured, I am charged, I am cured. Lightning flash goes through me. I am cured, I am cured.”

First Exercise

1. Gently tense and relax each body part from 1 to 20, mentally saying: “My children, wake up.” Place the attention in the center of the muscle and slowly tense the body part with low, medium, and high tension. Relax slowly and completely. Tense and then relax (from 1 to 20) left foot, right foot, left calf, right calf, left thigh, right thigh, left hip, right hip, abdomen (below navel), stomach (above navel), left forearm, right forearm, left upper arm, right upper arm, left breast, right breast, left of neck, right of neck, front of neck, back of neck, in slow rhythmic succession.

2. Now tense each body part (with low, medium, and high tension) and hold the high tension in each body part as you move up the body (1 to 20) tensing left foot, right foot, left calf, right calf, left thigh, right thigh, left hip, right hip, abdomen (below navel), stomach (above navel), left forearm, right forearm, left upper arm, right upper arm, left breast, right breast, left of neck, right of neck, front of neck, back of neck, in slow rhythmic succession.

Gently vibrate the whole body, holding all 20 body parts tensed, breath held, mentally counting 1 to 6 and quickly noting whether all body parts are tensed or not.

Exhale, and slowly relax the chain of tensed parts, head to feet in reverse order from 20 to 1. (If while relaxing the parts above the waist, you find that you have unintentionally relaxed parts below the waist, simultaneously tense again all the parts below the waist and relax from waist down, one by one.)

When you are doing these techniques, you will probably feel for the first time the difference between flesh and energy.

When you wake up in the morning, don’t jump out of bed suddenly. Go through the routine of energizing your body while in bed. Close your eyes. First relax all parts and then give them a breakfast of energy by tensing your whole body slowly, then relaxing. Tense and relax gradually; do not jerk. When you have learned how to concentrate, you will learn how to withdraw the energy from your body in this way and turn it toward God.

Whenever you want to relax any body part, gently tense it, hold the tension in it counting from 1 to 3, then relax quickly and feel the energy withdraw. Keep the relaxed part still by forgetting it.

There is no greater method of relaxation than the one you are being taught. Any time you are tired or worried, tense and relax the whole body, throwing your breath out with the exhalation, and you will become calm.

Feb 6th Blackberry Goat milk Kefir Magnesium Rich smoothie recipe also a decent breakfast meal:

Some Daily Seed thoughts

I live, move, and have my being in Spirit,
as a fish lives in the water,
and a bird in the air.
I will consciously draw strength, health, and happiness from this all-enveloping Presence. Paramhansa Yogananda

Don’t expect too much of others. Thus we develop the capacity not to expect too much of ourselves. - Finding Happiness Day by Day , Swami Kriyananda

Two egg yolks free range organic (try at your own risk)
Honey 2 tsp to balance taste not sweet nor sour - balanced and centered is the goal
6 Blackberries (⅓ cup - can do more add more honey if too tart reduce if berries are sweet centered and balanced always is a helpful goal
8 oz Goat’s milk kefir - can do buttermilk or cow’s milk kefir also

More about Magnesium - This is from the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda and, as Mothers were the principle source of dietary planning in the 1930’-1940‘s, he addressed them in this article.

Mothers, please do not fail to consider the foods containing the chemical element Magnesium when planning your children’s meals, if you would have them sweet-tempered. A lack of it is responsible for the nervousness and mental irritation that affects the disposition and accounts for the so-called “high-strung” problem child. It has a cooling effect upon a hot head, soothes the nerves, and calms the emotional strain, because of its counteracting influence upon the bodily acidity that saturates the brain.
If the individual is tense, the muscles taut, the ligaments brittle, with cracking joints, these are unmistakable signs of Magnesium starvation. Hernia and rupture could have been prevented by sufficient of this chemical in the blood, through food. The recalcitrant liver lacks Magnesium. An abundance is needed in intestinal detoxication and constipation, for, with the chemical sulphur, it gives a reliable laxative effect. In fact, it is known as Nature’s Laxative.
The truth about this necessary factor of the blood’s constituency is, that it has so many virtues that many a predicament that remains an unsolved mystery in medical science, would submit passively to a temporary speeding up in the supply of Magnesium in the diet, and act like a magnetic [magic] potion. Many, many foods contain Magnesium, in varying degrees. A partial list follows:
Acid fruits, apples, almonds, walnuts, lettuce, spinach, Romaine lettuce, raw egg yolk, peaches, gooseberries, cherries, dandelion greens, sorrel, garbanza peas [garbanzo beans], black figs, savoy cabbage, Brazil nuts, plums, string beans, barberries, avocados, raisins, watermelons, pecans, asparagus, beets and beet greens, Brussels sprouts, read and white cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chives, celery root, cucumbers, kale, leek, eggplant, okra, onions, parsnips, dried beans and peas, goat’s milk, buttermilk, skim milk, sea foods such as salmon and oysters, radishes, and whole grains such as wheat, yellow corn, buckwheat, rye, and unpearled barley.
Seedy foods, such as tomatoes, okra, blackberries, dried peas and beans, and cucumbers, are especially rich in this quality. Naturally, fruits and vegetables may be used abundantly, and with less discrimination. However, when it comes to the nitrogen and carbons, (builders and heat and energy producers, such as the raw egg yolk, fish, nuts, milk, dried beans and grains) smaller amounts should be used and more carefully considered in planning the balanced meal.

Qualities of Foods from the Art and Science of Rajayoga - Swami Kriyananda

Eggs Yolks outwardly directed energy
Honey self control
Blackberries - Berries (generally purity of thought)
Goat’s milk kefir is not listed. Cows milk (probably raw fresh) is listed as enthusiasm and fresh spiritual energy

Jan 28th Yoga wrinkle remedy: Lemon, Olive oil and Iodine

A lovely skin depends primarily on good health, and must be cultivated and maintained by purification from within. Pimples mean clogged pores; unsightly growths indicate excess carbohydrates in the diet (starches and sweets); wrinkles are Nature’s hunger cries for vitalizing foods, iodine, and oil.
A dry skin wrinkles faster than one that is well lubricated, so outer aids are also helpful. Oil, particularly olive oil, has been used throughout the ages as an aid to skin beauty. Chief among Cleopatra’s secrets of beauty and rejuvenation, so history tells us, was the generous use of olive oil. Secure a good brand of yellow olive oil. Use with strained lemon juice, half of each. The lemon prevents unseemly hair growth and assists the oil in penetrating. Almond oil is another excellent facial skin builder and a good base for powder.
Just as I frequently assure you that it is never too late to begin spiritual development, so I can say that it is never too late to begin a regime of skin rejuvenation. Remember that the countless cells of the skin, as well as of the body itself, undergo a constant process of birth, maturity, and decay. Like the snake, we can shed the old skin completely, though of course more gradually, and rebuild all- new skin tissue within a year.

From: How to achieve glowing health and vitality Paramhansa Yogananda

Jan 22th Tomato fasting Liver toning

Why eat or fast on tomatoes or tomato juice?

Liver Toning by Tomato fasting potentially reduce anger

The spiritual quality of Tomatoes is mental strength. From Art and Science of Rajayoga - Swami Kriyananda

the tomato is a curative specific for most liver conditions. 

This is from the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi

Positive Emotions of the Liver according to oriental medicine are courage, compassion and creativity, Negative emotions are anger, frustration, resentment, and envy. The green emotions - Bile held in the gall bladder made by the liver is green.


When enjoying a ripe, luscious tomato, it would be difficult to realize that not so very long ago this so-called love-apple was an unknown quantity in the human dietary. In fact, it was considered poisonous, and was tolerated in the garden only for decorative purposes because of its rich red coloring. Today, by dietician everywhere, it is conceded to be one of the most important vegetables, from the standpoint of alkalinity and wealth of important vitamins needed by the body. It is easily digested, attractive to the eye, pleasant to the taste, and highly recommended as a curative food. Also, it is an excellent substitute, periodically, for orange juice.

One of the most interesting laboratories in the world is located right within each individual the liver. Incidentally, it is the largest organ and has a tremendous amount of work to do as well as important duties to perform. Usually the time comes when it has been over-worked; in which event, like an overworked horse or a human being, it rebels and lies down on the job. In the liver, together with the spleen, iron is stored and utilized for its normal supply or for an emergency, when there has been any undue loss of blood. Therefore, it is essential that the livers health is considered, that overeating is avoided, and that an occasional rest period is given to this important organ. The latter is best accomplished by a strict fast on high-vibrating fruits or vegetable juices, or both. Among these, there are very few, indeed, that seem to work upon that organ with the same efficacy as tomatoes. Indeed, the tomato is a curative specific for most liver conditions. Lemon is another liver-tonic, but though its antiseptic value is incomparable, it can not be taken in as large quantities as the tomato, for it is not as nutritious and sustaining.

The tomato is one of the few foods that does not lose its mineral properties with cooking or canning. Nevertheless, any food, kept as near its natural state as is possible, is the ideal. Frying, stewing, pickling, peeling, salting, and preserving were never originally intended by Mother Nature, and though canned tomato is certainly recommended during the winter months and in localities where it is not obtainable fresh, there is nothing to quite compare with a ripe juicy tomato picked right from the vine in its sun-soaked state. To those of my students who have a garden, include this plant in your next crop, and use an abundance of them, but buy them in the market if your local season has terminated. And to my many students scattered to the four corners of the earth, where only the canned product is obtainable, I advise its frequent use in this form, as it is a splendid substitute, and highly beneficial.

Tomato juice diets have become very popular, and rightly so. Anyone can stand the rigors of a 3-day fast on tomato juice, taking a glassful, say, every 2 hours, followed by a glassful of water. Or, if desired only three glasses may be taken, namely, one in the morning, one at noon, and one in the evening.

Or, it may augment another cleansing outline, such as salads, vegetables slightly steamed, or vegetable broth.

Jan 14th Trikonasana -Feel the energy of the universe in You!

Dec 31st 20 part morning in bed Rejuvenation Yogoda exercises

Dec 21st General Healing Lime and honey drink

Worry 1/4 cup warm water with 1-3 tsp honey in 1 cup yogurt in morning. Also supports change new growth. Supports spleen/stomach (sweet taste) and Liver/Gallbladder (sour)

This balanced and centering drink from lime is helpful for General healing/ Melancholia: 

Stir 1/4 -1 tsp honey in 1/2 cup warm water (start on low side, add more if too sour) and squeeze 1/4 lime into it. Drink is ready when it is neither sour nor sweet and both sour and sweet in balance. Good anytime and especially in morning. It is important for the person actually drinking the beverage to determine if it is neither sweet nor sour or balanced in taste.

In general all citrus is a remedy for Melancholia and honey helps with self control including controlling moods.

From the Art and Science of Rajayoga by Swami Kriyananda

An explanation of how it works from Classical Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic traditions:

Liver/Gallbladder Support (sour taste of Lime) 

Physical result better breakdown of food resulting in better rebuilding maintaining functioning of all the body. Emotionally: strategy courage compassion and bandwidth to deal with issues increased.

Spleen/Stomach Support (sweet from honey) - energy to make a change

Rest and Repair circuit turned up/ Fight and Flight circuit (triple burner or stomach, heart and lungs) turned down due to the dry astringent taste. 

Physical result more blood to internal organs and frontal lobes of brain.

More concentration - less irritability more core strength

Dec 11th Yogoda Brain and Spine recharging exercise

Dec 4th Liver Cocktail Tonic from whole tomato

Nov 25th a powerful life force control exercise Utkata Pranayama

Nov 13th Throat exercise for getting rid of colds and for stimulating the vocal cords

Nov 5th Deep Knee recharger Yogoda Exercise - For strengthening the Knees

Oct 30th Yogic "Sleeping Potion"

Oct 22nd Cloning Yogurt at home

Oct 15th Running Yogoda Exercise - heel to hamstring forearm to bicep

Oct 8th Flu and Cold Remedy

Oct 1st Skin Kidneys and Bladder Parsley drink after a summer full of activity

Sept  27th What to Drink during day 7 of the Dr Tennant's Liver cleanse

 Sept 22nd Gentle knee strengthener Yoga warm up 

Sept 7th Simple yet powerful inverted pose Viparita Karani

August 26th Kapalabhati Pranayama before inverted pose Energy, Oxygen, and destagnation

August 20th Head Stand and inverted poses for Liver Cleansing!

June 17 Super Conscious Living Exercises 90 seconds to strength, flexibility and more pain-free living! Everything from muscle strength to digestion to focus is improved by doing these daily! More can be better!

June 11th  Do it yourself Facial relaxer Ghee and Turmeric creme

June 3rd  Egg drop Miso Soup with Seaweed to strengthen body and digestive energy

May 23rd 2015 30 seconds to dial Rest and Repair Dial down fight or flight


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