Aumkara Structural Bodywork MSc CAMTC ID 91712
Your Birthright: Strength - Flexibility - Pain-free

About the Practitioner

Head shot of Aumkara Newhouse in Cranberry short sleeve shirtWhen I survived a head-on collision Oct 29th 2017, I found out first-hand how my 10-year practice of wellness modalities prepared my body to receive an intense blow, and to heal from the injuries much faster than anyone would expect. The other car came into my lane at over 60 mph and hit mine head on. I sustained most of the damage. My brain, organs and all bones were stressed to the max. I experienced a tingling glow feeling that spread from my chest and covered my body. It seemed to spread the crash over my entire body. It seemed like bones and organs were held together, damaged with micro fractures though not visibly broken or ruptured - only burnt wrists from the airbag, broken toes and torn chest cartilage. This tingling-glow feeling was a super amplified experience of how my treatments feel, according to my patients. 

I regained consciousness and got out of the car under my own power. Over the next one and a half years, I received Myotonic Facilitation and Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments treatments from practitioners daily for > 6 months, then weekly, and most of my strength, flexibility, balance, and brain function have returned. In addition, my daily self care was (is): 

• Myotonic Facilitation and Jin Shin Jyutsu self treatments 

• Energization Exercises 

• Ananda Kriya Yoga meditation 

• Regenerative Herbs 

• Mostly plant-based high fat diet with supplements 

With this experience, I can help you: 

• To heal virtually all organs, so the muscles and the brain glow with vitality 

• To engage calmly with life’s ups and downs • To develop deep, centered, core strength 

When not doing Body Work or Researching Body Work, I do Ananda Yoga, Meditate, Play guitar, sing in Choir, Swim, Run and Bike. Occasionally I write and publish poetry.

My  Purpose Statement:

To serve the underlying Creative Spirit as manifested in my fellow humankind as a conduit of Joy and, through that, become a perfect expression of Love.