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Thank you, Aumkara for a truly transformative bodywork session on December 29, 2016.  

I have been suffering from debilitating migraines for 3 days each month for the past 18 months. I have made extreme modifications to my diet, taken various supplement combinations, received acupuncture and tinctures for 3 months, but so far, nothing has helped to relieve the extreme discomfort.  

My husband recently returned from an energizing bodywork session with Aumkara, his skin fragrant with essential oils  – they were mesmerizing to me. I demanded to know what they were, thinking I could run out to the store and purchase them immediately, but was informed that Aumkara had used a combination of at least 6 different unique oil blends! He expressed that Aumkara might be able to help with my migraines.  As timing would have it, my migraine pain started at 1am the day of my scheduled appointment.

I am a trained bodyworker, feeling hopeful, yet doubtful that anyone could diminish my chronic pain. Aumkara does not provide a typical bodywork session! He took me on a multi-sensory journey, starting with an energizing green juice blend to ingest. He did multiple pulse checks and sought tender points.  He positioned various lights above my head to vary temperature, then proceeded to apply as many of those unusual essential oil blends as were agreeable to me.  Aumkara  then set upon a veritable highway chase of meridians as my angry migraine pain kept shifting around my head. I thought all I required to minimize the pain would be a “battery jump start,” but, in fact, I learned there were many traffic jams within my meridian system which required clearing.  

The 90-minute session flew by. With careful attention, listening with ears and intuition, Aumkara successfully diminished my migraine discomfort. He acknowledged that there was still more work to be done, and I experienced significantly reduced pain as I got off the table. Much of the blockage had been successfully cleared. I could open my eyes wide, my energy level was significantly boosted and the nausea was completely gone.  By late evening the pain was completely alleviated. 

After the session, Aumkara provided ample recommendations of acupressure self-care, supplements that would benefit my specific meridian issues, detoxifying juice cleanse recipes which have been immediately welcomed by my body, and energizing exercises.  For those who are seeking a true partner in healing, I cannot recommend Aumkara highly enough! 

With gratitude, Lara

********************************************************************************************************I was really concerned about my physical pain before going in for my appointment, thinking I might need to start doing chiropractic again and acupuncture for the aches in my arms, shoulders and neck. I have been absolutely pain free since my appointment, and feeling great - aside from being relieved! 

I am looking forward to utilizing your services again in the future. It made a big difference in my sleep last night. Thank you again, for the wonderful massage. Peter Copley

Suddenly word is out that you're good!!!! Karuna loved her massage yesterday and I heard from Peter  that he, too, liked your work. M. R.

My session was phenomenal. Each hold I could feel a vibrational change, the only way to describe it was a sensation of almost chills and then a warming vibe as it released. I felt it on each of the holds and it was very relaxing. I was in a peaceful zone and felt comforted. Aumkara is really great at CST and I would refer him to anyone. Karley D

I got reflexology, acupressure, structural integration, hands on healing, chakra healing, physical therapy, counseling, source energy water, essential oil, stickers with healing symbols place strategically on my body, and a massage.  OMG!  It was incredible!  Joni Jenkins

Aumkara was very helpful with Migraines that I was challenged with. We worked with acupressure points, new foods and recipes to shift my vibration and a liver/gall bladder flush. I have tried many cleanses and I can say his is very unique and is now my favorite. He also gave me some great yoga and meditation tips and an interesting affirmation. I hope to see him again. Parashari

About Aumkara's teaching style:

Aumkara is a gifted and inspirational teacher and public speaker.  His presentation for my creative writing class at Ananda College sparked lively conversation, and opened all of us to new and deeper ways of thinking about the creative process.  I recommend him highly! --Rebecca Davis. PhD

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