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Your Birthright: Strength - Flexibility - Pain-free

Yoga Yogoda and meditation classes

Joyfully and willingly engage in the dance of life experience.  Improve your muscle tone, strength, and flexibility while reducing your pain using the Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda and the Jin Shin Jyutsu of Jiro Murai.

All this is available in a new, weekly, guided one-hour, ongoing class led  by Aumkara Newhouse Thursdays at noon in the yoga room (555) of the Sage Center, 10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Building III.

Cost is $12/class, 4 classes for $40.  Sign up will be at the first class.

Aumkara Newhouse Side Angle pose ParsvokanasanaDo you want strength or do you want health? Learning to draw energy into the body at will with Yogoda 

You answer, I want both. But remember: too much attention given to gaining strength will make you miss real health for the heart, lungs, and other vital organs can be overworked and thus weakened, just as when a motor is overworked. Yogoda will give wonderful health, vim, vigor, a feeling of freshness in every tissue, and more than sufficient strength.

Yogoda, a term that means that which imparts Yoga has to be explained further as equilibrium and harmony.

So what kind of YOGA? Ananda Yoga brings yoga back to its original spiritual essence. In short, it is inwardly joyful, playful, rejuvenating, harmonizing and fun.
The warm up: Energization/Yogoda system featuring deep breathing, focused tensing and relaxing, and cardio vascular elements (in short we will probably break into a slight pant and possibly a bit of a sweat). This Video shows the High Knee running in place exercise.

What Kind of Clothing? Close fitting so you can bend, Be upside down, cross legs, twist with out binding and cutting circulation.

Shown here is the Circle of Joy.

What do I need to bring? a yoga matt and blanket is helpful. There are loaners - fold blanket and put matt back if you borrow, of course. 

To sign up, click here for contact page and put Yoga class in subject with your phone number in the body and I will contact you.

Yoga on the go - this technique for turning up rest and repair turning down fight and flight can be done almost anywhere in a meeting, Driving, on the commute bus, and so on.

The 90 second daily driver for stress management  pain removal - the Super Conscious Living Exercises.

Low back relief chest lifter

About the instructor: Aumkara Newhouse

Aumkara Newhouse has been practicing and teaching Ananda Yoga and meditation for many decades. His daily practice is his breakfast, he never misses.

Seed thoughts Affirmations Positive Self Talk

Don't we all have self talk? Can this self talk affect how our body functions? It would seem likely the answer to this is yes. So how can we make this work? Is there a key to replacing self talk so we are going where we want to?
Yes and the key is a powerful positive feeling! What this means is at the end of a treatment session, in that deep state of peace and completeness, is a perfect time to do an affirmation, to plant the seeds of the harvest of life we are looking for. Also opening the meridian channels and doing the affirmations in the Super Conscious Living Exercises daily or twice daily can give you the energy and basis to change your life. They are also a good precursor when followed by some even count breathing and meditation to do before other affirmations.

Here are two affirmations that have a track record of being effective. Study their construction if you wish to try making your own.

Gratitude - precursor to contentment the supreme virtue according to yoga tradition

I am grateful for my life exactly as it is!

I am thankful for this day

I welcome every hour

Thank you Life, Thank you Life!  

For Optimal Health:

My body cells obey my Will! 

They dance with Divine Vitality!

I am well!

I am strong!

I am a flowing river of boundless Power and Energy!

What is an affirmation?

We can start with the popular agreed upon definition at Wikipedia:
Affirmation: a declaration that something is true. 

From a Dictionary (Merriam Webster)
affirmation: to say that something is true in a confident way

From this, we can gather that how an affirmation is phrased indicates the mindset/feeling needed for success. It has to feel true. The soil for the thought seeds to sprout so to speak. Will-affirmations require engaging the will, feeling-affirmations the heart’s feelings, reason-affirmations clarity and understanding. This also gives a basis for selecting an affirmation based on personality bias: cognitive (how one acts on those thoughts and feeling - action oriented), imaginative, emotional, or thoughtful.

From Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924 Edition

The words of most people are lifeless because they are spoken automatically, without being impregnated with soul force. Too much talking, exaggeration, or falsehood weakens the power of your words. That is why the prayers or words of such people do not produce any desired changes. 

This includes self talk and subconscious chatter. We know from both ancient and modern psychology that the subconscious mind hears everything we do. It filters/creates our perception of reality based on the emotional energy associated with the thoughts. We can say we attract our reality based on the composite of our thoughts. In short, the composite feeling energy weight of all our subconscious thoughts attracts our reality to us.  Can you see how intensity and repetition will change the energy feeling weight and affect a change?

Can you write your own affirmation? This is an interesting question. If you have a strong habit of meditating and/or feeling the response of the universe certainly. If that is not the case, it might be helpful to use an affirmation that has a track record and was created by someone who has the ability to tune into levels of consciousness and feel that response. 

This is a shortcut to success with affirmations. By repeating with intensity an affirmation that came from a high level of consciousness, we can tune into that experience of deep joy that is intrinsic to the creative process, experience it and change ourselves! 

An important indicator - When we undergo an inner change, energy is freed up and we experience bliss, light, sound, power, wisdom, love, calmness or peace! These are signs of deep change of consciousness! 

What about chanting AUM?

Why is chanting AUM helpful? The sound of the word “peace” in English, for example, has a calming influence. Particularly powerful are words that were brought into being purely for their vibrational resonance. To utter with calm feeling the supreme mantra, AUM, even if it doesn’t suggest any particular meaning to the mind, has a transforming effect on every level of one’s consciousness. - Swami Kriyananda “The Hindu Way of Awakening”


There are three kinds of human courage: blind, passive, and dynamic. Blind courage doesn’t count the cost until it finds itself faced, horror-stricken, with the bill. Passive courage is the strength of will to adjust to reality, whatever it may be. And dynamic courage is the strength of will not only to accept reality, but to confront it with another reality of one’s own making.

There is a fourth kind of courage: not human, but divine. Divine courage comes from living in the awareness of God’s presence within, and in the realization that He is the sole Reality. 

Live more in Him, for nothing and no one can touch what you really are.

Affirmation: I live protected by God's inifinite Light. So long as I remain in the heart of it, Nothing and no one can harm me.

I live protected by God’s Infinite Light. 

So long as I remain in the heart of it, 

nothing and no one can harm me.





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